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we are doing the project porting of kaffe on to embedded processor.
for that we have to know which is the main code in the source.version of kaffe used is kaffe-1.1.4 .

problems faced when tried to execute on the simulator.

1)In the simulator same named files in different folder are treated  as  same. Thus it  giving error in including those files. Kaffe has many files with same name in different folder.
   So please tell which are  the essential files so that we can   eliminate others

2)It is not recognizing typedef, #define .It is also not recognizing 60  header files like
 time.h, alloca.h, windows.h 


How to find out SH7300 equivalent for those   ?

NOTE: The simulator is case insensitive

3)kaffe in its original form can be executed on linux . commands in readme  files are linux commands. When exceuted in linux it generates some  *.h  files during runtime .These are included in some  other files. So this is giving error on the simulator as the files are not available.

We thought of copying of those from linux and including those as normal files. But we don’t whether it works are not.

We have complete our project by may 15 2005.So please help us as soon as possible. 


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