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Arnaud Vandyck avdyk at debian.org
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Tue, 10 May 2005 04:45:39 +0200, 
Dalibor Topic <robilad at kaffe.org> wrote: 

Hi Dalibor,

Thanks for your comments about Harmony.

> As I got invited to speak at FISL[9], I'd like to do a round of
> resyncing, merging in the fixes, and documentation improvements, and
> kick 1.1.6 out of the door in two-three weeks, so that we can have
> another nice release of Kaffe ready in time. Would that suit everybody?

I got some «new» bugs for you ;-)

#305623: java.nio.FileChannelImpl.lock(): not implemented

#307983: setting java.util.logging.Logger handlers

#308532: getMethodSignatureClass: Assertion `class->state >=
         CSTATE_DOING_LINK' failed

#308745: Tomcat 4 fails to start with Kaffe; Security Manager issue 

and some old ones:

#255418: kaffe: Error when directory containing the class has special

#255502: kaffe: Incorrect result due to computations in extended
         precision on x86

#270704: Kaffe can't run Apache Struts webapp

#270709: Kaffe can't run Apache Struts webapp

#305258: Fwd: java/lang/Runtime.availableProcessors

Some are for classpath, some are for kaffe. I don't know if some of
those can be resolve for the next release but this is your Debian todo
list :-D

Thanks to take care

PS: I'll tag the new bugs as «upstream» and «forwarded to
    kaffe at kaffe.org».

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