[kaffe] Problem to locate "libnative.a"

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Wed Nov 2 04:32:56 PST 2005

daniel at fh-konstanz.de wrote:
> Hello people,

Hallo Daniel,

> now loading...... /libnative.a
> user_search_path:(null) libnative.a
> LTDL_SEARCHPATH_VAR:(null) libnative.a
> sys_search_path:/lib:/usr/lib libnative.a
> xtryall_dlopen /libnative.a
> tryall_dlopen loader:366a2 /libnative.a
> sys->name:libnative.a
> Failed to locate native library "libnative" in path /
> Aborting.

If you are trying to dlopen static libraries, make sure the libnative.la
file is there as well.

If that does not work, you can try stepping through the library loading
code in a debugger, the code for loading native libraries in Kaffe is
located in loadNativeLibrary in file kaffe/kaffevm/external.c

the actual library loading is performed by libtool, the code for that is
in the ltdl subdirectory of the source code.

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