[kaffe] failed tests with bizarre configure

pietro ferrari pietro.ferrari at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 17:58:23 PST 2005

hi folks,

i had to write some java programs for college. but i don't have a
jvm/jdk on this box. so decided to give kaffe cvs head a chance. but i
also wanted to build it as fast as possible. i didn't need anything
fancy like graphics. so i disabled lots of things. i'm running the
latest ubuntu. the configure line i used was:

./configure --disable-nls --disable-native-awt --disable-alsatest
--disable-esdtest --disable-sound --disable-xmltest --disable-xslttest
--without-kaffe-x-awt --without-x --without-kaffe-qt-awt
--without-kaffe-nanox-awt --without-classpath-gtk-awt
--without-classpath-qt-awt --without-alsa --without-esd
--disable-gtk-peer --with-jikes

the failed tests were:

FAIL: DosTimeVerify.java
FAIL: ZipTest.java

i haven't finished writting the programs i need. but i was able to
succesfully compile a red  black tree implementation i wrote.

no need to worry :)


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