[kaffe] window refresh problem

Gianluca Moro giangiammy at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 10 02:06:53 PDT 2005

hi all,

in my test program, I open 3 window, writing on them
hello world.

The forground window is correctly updated, while, the
windows which have not the focus are not refreshed
(so when I move the foreground window over them, they remain

I have seen that nano-X throw various events, related all the
windows (between them, the EXPOSED event), while,
in handler.c file, in function 
I see incoming events related only to the foreground
window: do you have any idea what is going on and where
could be lost the other events?


(I'm porting kaffe 1.1.5 to a MIPS machine with microwindows and

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