[kaffe] Kaffe for Java like language

Kallol Borah k.borah at aumeganetworks.com
Tue Oct 18 21:37:46 PDT 2005

I am new to the Kaffe implementation. But I am interested to evaluate using
Kaffe for a Java like language called Indus that I and a couple of
colleagues have implemented for enabling ubiquitous computing. Indus
compiles to Java bytecode and then further to C code (thats there to support
Indus on embedded systems). In the case of compilation to byte code, we are
using java libraries and the jvm now for testing. But soon enough, we have
to enhance the java libraries and also change the library structure - we
plan to do this by modifying GNU Classpath.
My question is : what is the Kaffe VM's dependencies on GNU Classpath ? For
example, if we change java.lang, how will Kaffe VM be affected ? If we
identify places in the Kaffe implementation where these dependencies are
used, it will help us a great deal to port Kaffe, if required.

Your views will be greatly appreciated.


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