[kaffe] Re: kaffe and load image

Gianluca Moro giangiammy at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 21 07:18:04 PDT 2005

> hi all,
> I'm compiling kaffe 1.1.6 running with AWT on Tiny-X from
> XFree86 4.5.0.
> It work quite fine, but I cannot load and show images
> (I tested gif and png): kaffe gives no warning or error
> messages, even if the image file is not present: seems
> that the loading function just say OK but do nothing.
> thanks
> giammy
The problem was in the configuration of kaffe: I did not
defined HAVE_LIBPNG, so the drawing function just did nothing!

Now I have 2 more problems:

when starting kaffe, it do not find the symbols in libpng:
I setted LD_LIBRARY_PATH, but with no success, while the
following is successful:


is there a clean way to make kaffe find what it needs?

the second problem is that images are shown very slowly: 
a window repaint (with a png of just a few k) needs several
second to repaint: this slow down is present only if I 
have some image in the frame.

any idea what could cause this?


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