[kaffe] Does Kaffe's JIT support ARM?

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Sun Oct 30 00:21:41 PDT 2005

OK, now I came back to Tokyo, my home city.

>>That's the only one, afaict. Kiyo has been working on m68k jits as well,
>Just before to getting into airplane, and becomes short.
>The m68k port with jit works with 20 or 30 errors. But I hope 'main part'
>of it works not only for ia32.

Because of the classpath merge, latest weekly regression does not work
at all for m68k/netbsd1.6, and for the time being I can not invoke
weekly regression for m68k/linux (I ordered IIci logic boards which
are supposed to come this week). So the latest weekly regression test
result I have for m68k ports is m68k/netbsd1.6 at 2005-09-29. And the
results are
	jit3: 26 of 148 tests failed
	jit: 32 of 148 tests failed
	intrp: 22 of 148 tests failed

I know some failure reported are simply because this arch is too slow
and is forced to timeout. I guess m68k should be the only ports which
keeps work (in some sense) with Big Endian for three different engines.

Since NetBSD-1.6 uses gcc-2.95.3, and jikes-1.19 and later can not be
compiled with this compiler, I first have to try compile newer gcc, or
make some other machines with newer NetBSD :-<

>I plan to check alpha since I got one WS recently ;-)

It's now sitting in my office, but I first have to make weekly regression
work again for NetBSD machines...


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