[kaffe] Does Kaffe's JIT support ARM?

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Sun Oct 30 00:09:42 PDT 2005

>So as far as I understood we could try to go further from 2004-11-11
>and try it till the point it does not work anymore. Are there any
>older cvs-snapshots available?

I keep weekly snapshot at
for this years (I mean YY=05) archive. Some may have different file
type like 'tgz.ng' for 'No good for compile' or 'tgz.nbng' for 'No
good for NetBSD' etc.

Last years snap are kept in
but only keep archives which toggled between good and bad for NetBSD.

If you want to trace from 2004-11-11, you can pick 041118, 041125 (it
was marked bad for NetBSD compilation, BTW), 041129, 041202, 041223,
041230 (can not be compiled even on Linux), and 050106 to 051027.

Hope these snapshots may help.


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