[kaffe] Adler32

Mark Wielaard mark at klomp.org
Thu Sep 1 10:27:59 PDT 2005


Just created some Adler32 tests for mauve.
It seems there are two bugs in the default kaffe (zlib based) Adler32
implementation. The checksum starts at 1, not 0. And the checksum is an
unsigned int returned as long:

2005-09-01  Mark Wielaard  <mark at klomp.org>

        * libraries/javalib/java/util/zip/Adler32.java
        (Adler32): Set adler to 1.
        (reset): Likewise.
        (getValue): Return unsigned int value.

With this all the new mauve tests pass.
But please check carefully since I didn't find any official adler32 test



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