[kaffe] Current status & getting 1.1.6 out of the door

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Sun Sep 11 16:11:08 PDT 2005

Hi team,

as you've probably noticed by the mailing list traffic today, I've got 
kaffe resynced up to GNU Classpath 0.18. I've also merged in the JDWP 
work in progress from GNU Classpath, which needs a volunteer to 
implement the native calls into Kaffe. That would allow in a future 
version of kaffe to use Kaffe with JDWP aware debuggers, like Eclipse's.

Remaining things on my TODO list for 1.1.6:

  * Merge in Runtime #CPUs code from Cacao (fixes a debian bug report)
  * Merge in new RMIC from classpath tools with asm (mostly working)

That should be done by tomorrow evening. I should have a 1.1.6-pre1 
tarball with the patches merged in for testing by then, and a release by 
next Sunday. As I plan to attend the GNU Classpath Distro DevJam in 
Oldenburg later this month [1], I'd like to have a fresh Kaffe release 
for it. ;)

Other items to look at:

  * Check in remaining patches from list & personal inbox (david's 
mandriva patches, andreas' warning fixes, anything else I missed?)
  * Fix easy (implicit declaration, signed vs. unsigned) warnings on 
some arches (alpha, mips(el), other arches with weird bugs)
  * amd64 jit patch from Eric
  * L4 port from Alexander

dalibor topic

[1] http://java.debian.net/index.php/DevJam Friday 23 September till 
Sunday 25 September in Oldenburg, Germany, along with a Debian Developer 
meeting. If other european Kaffe developers want to come over to Germany 
for a weekend of hacking, beer & talk with other free runtime & distro 
developers, see wiki link, I'd enjoy not being the only kaffe person 
around ;)

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