[kaffe]"Internal error: caught an unexpected exception." on mips platform

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Fri Sep 16 06:40:20 PDT 2005

ColinYen wrote:
> Hi, All:
> I am a newbie. I have  some problems in kaffe(1.1.x-cvs 2005/09/16)on
> mips platfrom.
> See follow in detail.
> please help me. Thank a lot. 

Hi Colin,

it seems that kaffe crashes. I've seen both mips and mipsel mentioned in 
your mail, so that may be a part of the problem, you need to make sure 
that you are using the correct toolchain for your system (either mips or 

Kaffe from mid-august seems to largely work in a similar (intrp) 
configuation on mips-linux, according to the debian buildd buildlog at 

> ./configure --prefix=$(TARGET_DIR) --host=mips-linux 


>   CC               : mipsel-uclibc-gcc

!= mipsel!

> test 2: ./kaffe-bin -v -vmdebug ALL Hello
> test 2 result: bus error

> Found java_lang_VMObject_getClass in library handle 0 ==
> /jre/lib/mips/libnative.
> Bus error

If your toolchain is correctly set up, then you need to take a look at 
FAQ/FAQ.debugging and run kaffe with KAFFE_DEBUG=gdb kaffe Hello
(if you are using the wrapper script). That should help find out what 
the cause for the bus error is.

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