[kaffe] carzy configure on AIX

Riccardo riccardo at kaffe.org
Mon Apr 3 13:55:40 PDT 2006


on AIX I have both gcc and a non-functional xlC (due to missing 

Configure fails (even if invoked with CC='gcc')

configure:41695: checking value of sizeof((((struct sockaddr_in *) 0) 
->sin_port)) by analyz
ing object code
configure:41737: cc_r -c -g -O2 -Wall -W -fsigned-char -mpowerpc 
-D_THREAD_SAFE  -c -o conft
est.o  -DKAFFE_VMDEBUG -D_REENTRANT conftest.c >&5
cc_r: 1501-210 command option Wall contains an incorrect subargument
configure:41743: $? = 40
configure: failed program was:

it uses the wrong compiler. The initial conf test show that gcc is 
detected as working and as a gnu compiler...

never seen something like that.


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