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On Tue, Apr 04, 2006 at 10:55:10AM +0800, pingroe wrote:
> I am a beginner.I am eager to know:

If you are new to the world of cross-compilation, I'd suggest trying to
cross-compile some smaller piece of osftware, like GNU hello, to get a 
feeling for how it all works, and get familiar with your toolchain.

> how to configure?

See FAQ.cross-compiling and FAQ.embedded 

I'd suggest starting off with the interpreter. See other posts in the
mailing list archives how to configure Kaffe 1.1.7 for ARM CPUs.

If you are cross-compiling and want native library support, for example
for AWT, make sure that you set up your cross-compilations enviroment
such that the configure script picks up the libraries for your target,
instead of the ones for your build host. Otherwise you will get link

> how to add some useful API ?

If you want to add more libraries to the ones already present in Kaffe,
to the core class library, you should extract their sources into the 
libraries/javalib/vmspecific directory, along with all their

In general it should be sufficient to just add them to the glibj.zip 
file, though, or append them as a separate JAR on the bootclasspath.

> how to configure to make Kaffe start just at the Enabe OS start?

If I understand the question correctly, you'd want Kaffe to start when 
your operating system starts? That's very operating system specific,
so you should ask your OS vendor how to make that happen. For example,
GNU/Linux has init scripts. If you're using GNU/Linux, it should come
with a lot of documentation on such things.

> after all configure finish , how to do  "make" to get the useable "Kaffe" on my enable platform? 

using gnu make, type 


make install

will install the result of the compilation.

If you are not cross-compiling, then you're done. If you are
cross-compiling, then you have to move the installation to your
target machine to play with it.

good luck,
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