[kaffe] porting cross compiled kaffe to other platform?

thuanpv phamvanthuanbk at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 20 07:30:40 PDT 2006

I'm wondering the way to port kaffe to a development KIT (ARM/Linux for
I cross compiled kaffe successfully for ARM chip (with build system is
i686/Linux and host system is ARM/Linux) and now i want to port this to
AT9200 kit (with ARM CPU and Linux OS). After cross compiling, i have a lot
of files, what should i do to port these file to AT9200 KIT and run kaffe on
1. Can i port all file to KIT? if yes, what should i do?
2. May i have to make an unique file ?(.BIN for example because when my
friends port Linux OS to AT9200, they have to make only one file .BIN, after
that loading this file to KIT)
I have read some topic and also documentation about porting kaffe to other
platform on www.kaffe.org but this document only guide to way to modify some
element on kaffe code, not the way to port an cross compiled kaffe
distribution to other platform.
Thanks so much!!

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