[kaffe] Kaffe porting on MIPS

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Thu Aug 24 23:58:53 PDT 2006

NaveenYadav wrote:

> Hi ,

Hi nadeev,

> CC=mipsel-linux-gcc NM=mipsel-linux-nm \
> AR=mipsel-linux-ar AS=mipsel-linux-as LD=mipsel-linux-ld  
> KAFFEH=/home/naveen/jvm/kaffe-native/kaffe/kaffeh/kaffeh \
> ./configure --host=mipsel-linux --build=i686-linux 
> prefix=/home/naveen/jvm/cross \
>  --enable-pure-java-math  --disable-alsa --disable-native-awt 
> --disable-xawt-xi18n --without-x 
> --with-libraries=/usr/tools/mipsel-linux/libs 
> --with-includes=/usr/tools/mipsel-linux/include  --disable-gtk-peer 
> --without-awt  --disable-sound
> ** 
> *What may be the Reason;*

The mips jit probably needs some poerting work. Please build kaffe with 
the interpreter engine first, using --with-engine=intrp and try to get 
that to work, i.e.
to pass all regression tests in make check, before hacking on the jit.

 From the error message, I'd guess that setting up the exception frame 
does not work as expected. You'll have to look at the code in 
config/mips/jit.h and config/mips/mips.c and adapt it for your needs.

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