[kaffe] Let's go to JavaOne!

Fernando Lozano fernando at lozano.eti.br
Mon Dec 4 10:44:17 PST 2006

First of all, I'm sorry for the cross-post, but I hope you'll find this 
message useful.

While we all are extasiated with Sun GPLed JDK releases, I'm afraid many 
are missing the fact JavaOne call for papers was already opened and the 
deadline for submissions is at *December, 15*. We never had a better 
climate for presentations related to free software Java projects and it 
would be wonderful to have everyone there: Classpath, GCJ, Kaffe, 
Java-Gnome, JPackage, IKVM, Cacao, Sable, ...

You may be wondering: “What will I do at the big Sun tradeshow as a open 
source hacker”? There you'll find a great pool of potential users and 
contributors, most of all already oldtime users of free software like 
Ant, Maven, Eclipse, Tomcat or JBoss. But few of them who actually 
realized all free software can do for them. Most of them will still be 
puzzled by Sun OpenJDK announcement.

The general Linux and free software community, and the general Java 
community, share many of the same goals and also share many ideas on how 
to get there. But most of the time they don't talk to each other. There 
a lot of misunderstadings from each other but I believe both have much 
to learn from the other. Java developers are yet too much 
corporate-driven and they need our help on how to become community-driven.

Of course, many of you earn you living as open source consultants, 
techinical writers, or selling other IT services. The event would be a 
big showroom for potential customers. :-)

I was there twice as a speaker, and offer my help to anyone wishing to 
submit proposals. And even if your proposal isn't selected, or you 
afraid to speak in a room that may have more than a thousand people, I 
may get you a place at the Java.Net community corner.

If you do sumbit a talk and it is accepted, please mail me so I can see 
you and announce it in java.net.

[]s, Fernando Lozano

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