[kaffe] i can't quite catch the method of "translate"

Jim White jim at pagesmiths.com
Fri Feb 17 15:08:45 PST 2006

yan wei wrote:

> some relative documents I have read, but I have some questions about the 
> notes above:
> in the notes,  what is the "Registers"?  what is the "CFG"? what it 
> means about "edge"? what is the "basic block?", what the "spill" means? 
> what those words above describe?

These are commonly-used terms in compiler design and implementation.

CFG -> Control Flow Graph (a graph of basic blocks).

Registers -> Registers of the target processor.

Basic Block -> A sequential segment of code with no entries or exits.

Spill -> Assign variables to the stack frame rather than registers.

Edge (of a CFG) -> A possible transfer of control from one basic block 
to another.

Those definitions should be enough for you to Google a lot more 
information.  Even better, check out Wikipedia (enter any of the terms 
in the search field at http://www.wikipedia.org/ for some very good 

Jim White

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