Things to do for 1.1.7 (Was: Re: [kaffe] CVS kaffe (robilad): Merged in zlib)

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Tue Jan 3 07:40:29 PST 2006

Dalibor Topic wrote:

Hi team, hi Ito,

happy new year!

> this is a first step towards merging in fastjar to replace kaffe's jar,
> and remove the dependency on zip for class library builds.

After a lot of tweaking and fun, that's been done.

> I may still have to reshuffle the code around a bit, and to change the
> configure option's name to make integration with gcc's code simpler, but
> that's the plan. This should be the last 'feature' before 1.1.7.

Done, too.

> Further remaining changes on my list for 1.1.7 are
> * moving ahead various configure options from gnu classpath into kaffe's
> to make sure oour users also see them

Still to do.

> Other things (volunteers welcome)
> * improving win32/cygwin docs

I've been looking at this recently. Currently Kaffe does not build on 
Cygwin due to problems in GNU Classpath's fdlibm. I've got a fix for it, 
though, and hope to have it checked in soon into GNU Classpath.

Kaffe builds fine for me with a patched up jikes 1.22/jikes CVS HEAD 
until it hits the fdlibm issue.

> * fixing the test -ef bug in

It seems that setting CONFIG_SHELL to a more posixy shell like GNU Bash 
could help on solaris without GNU coreutils.

> I'd like to have a release candidate by the end of week, if I can make
> the fastjar merge happen till then. 

That didn't happen last week, so let's see if we can make it happen this 
week. If all goes well, we should be able to have an RC for 1.1.7 tomorrow.

I've seen that Ito has been working on improving the XML code in GNU 
Classpath, so it would be good to know if there should be another merge 
with GNU Classpath's code before the release candidate.

dalibor topic

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