[kaffe] Axis 1.1 failed to run on Kaffe 1.0.6

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Mon Jan 9 09:04:45 PST 2006

ktlam at cs.hku.hk wrote:
> Dear all, 
> Due to some reasons, I have to use an older version of Kaffe 1.0.6.
> I found it fails to support Apache Axis 1.1. When running happyaxis.jsp, 
> error: Cannot find method "getProtectionDomain()" occurs.
> Is it a problem of Klass.jar missing this method?

Most probably. You could try merging in the missing classes/methods from
GNU Classpath.

> Also, I wish to ask where can I download source code of kjc compiler.
> I find http://www.dms.at/kopi or http://www.dms.at/kopi/kjc.html unreachable.

It seems that DMS has reorganized their web presence.

You can always check out the source code for Kaffe's version of KJC
shipped in Kaffe's builds directly from Kaffe's CVS, it's in the kjc module.

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