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Wed Jan 18 15:35:49 PST 2006

daniel at fh-konstanz.de wrote:
> Hello!
> I have compiled kaffe with success. I have written a "Hello World" Java
> application and integrated the Hello.class format into my romfs.h image.(first
> i have created an romfs.img image with "mk_romfs" -binary and finally convert
> to a romfs.h file with a bin --> hex tool, then putting romfs.h into
> kaffe-1.0.7/config/i386/ecos/md.h and mount the romfs with 
> MTAB_ENTRY( romfs_mte1, "/", "romfs", "", (CYG_ADDRWORD) &bin_data[0] );

That's not part of the kaffe.org sources. You'll have to talk with the 
authors of the code, and they are not here, I am afraid.

> When running kaffe, the initialisation looks fine. Also the main2 method seems
> to be ok, because my Hello.class file was found and the number of arguments are
> ok. But when invoking the static "main"-method from Hello-application by
> "(*env)->CallStaticVoidMethod(env, mcls, mmth, args)", i do not see the output
> message "Hello world". Can anybody find the reason for that?

Try using gdb, and reading the code carefully as it is executed to see 
what it does. The ecos port is not in the Kaffe.org source tree, so it 
is hard for people unfamiliar with the source code to guess what goes 
right or wrong. You'll have to use a debugger like gdb and try to 
understand the source code you have written and/or integrated. Read all 
the documentation on Kaffe in the docs section of the website. Run you 
HelloWorld with full debugging output in the same version on a different 
system and see how it behaves there. Etc. You will have to take your 
time to find out what the code is supposed to do, what it is doing, and 
if that's to be expected or not.

Regarding a Wonka port to ecos, I'd suggest that you ask on the wonka 
mailing list.

dalibor topic

dalibor topic

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