[kaffe] want to insert code into all I/O calls

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Wed Jan 18 18:48:50 PST 2006

George P Nychis wrote:
> If there is no centralized place, maybe someone can help me out by inserting a printf() when BufferReader is called?

Sorry for the delay, George.

Assuming you are interested in mixing in behaviour each time when a 
method is entered, or in similar circumstances, you should check out 
AspectJ :


and in particular


which allows you to change classes either at loading time, to add new 
functionality at pointcuts, or before they are loaded, by weaving in the 
new aspects ahead of time.

I haven't used AspectJ myself with Kaffe yet, so I'd be curious if, and 
how well it works.

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