[kaffe] I want to execute kaffe-1.1.4 on xscale target board. But, When execute, I have an error.

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Wed Jan 18 19:04:50 PST 2006

임동기 wrote:
> Hi~
> I want to port kaffe-1.1.4 on Xscale target board.


> /kaffe: /mnt/kaffe/jre/bin/kaffe-bin: Exec format error

what does calling

file  /mnt/kaffe/jre/bin/kaffe-bin

in the shell on the board output?

> ===================================================================================
> and I have some questions.
> Is it same version both cross compiler lib and kernel library on target 
> board?

If you are building C++ code, like Qt, it's always good practice to make
sure all your libraries are compiled with the same compiler.

> what do I do?
> Could you tell me any advices?

If you feel really, really experimental, you could try looking at the
recently released Qt4 for embedded devices from Trolltech, and building
Kaffe's CVS HEAD with the classpath qt4 awt. I don't know if that would
work, but the newer
code should have less compilation problems, I hope.

Your current problems seem to be related, somehow, to your tool setup,
though. Did you build and cross-compile and run this program:



If that works, than your setup is OK for building Kaffe. If it doesn't
work, then you have an installation problem with your toolset.

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