[kaffe] How to change the default compiler from kjc to others

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Wed Jan 18 19:20:20 PST 2006

ktlam at cs.hku.hk wrote:
> Hi,
> I am really glad to hear from your supportive reply. 
> Thanks a lot first of all. 

Sure, I am sorry for the long delay until this reply.

> If you are interested, you can visit below for more information: 
> http://www.cs.hku.hk/~ktlam/mscproject.htm

It sounds very interesting.

> In fact, Jessica2 is really a great product and attract my attention to this 
> project. But it is sad that Jessica2 missed out quite a number of 
> classes/libraries. I aim to make it be able to support some latest practical 
> applications besides speeding up scientific computations. My wish is to speed 
> up web services or intensive web applications, XML processing. 
> Currently, Jessica2 can support Tomcat 3.2.4. I am not sure if Axis can run on 
> Tomcat 3.x. Jessica2 failed to support Tomcat 4.x.  
> The error is e.g.: 
> ERROR reading /home/ktlam/tomcat401/conf/server.xml
> At Line 131 /Server/Service/Engine/Realm/ 
> className=org.apache.catalina.realm.MemoryRealm 
> Catalina.start: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: 
> java/security/cert/X509Certificate

Yeah. You'll need to add the missing classes from the current Kaffe 
version, gradually. Do you still have a Klasses.jar file in there? Then 
you need to rebuild it each time you add new classes, or change something.

> For my last point in previous mail, I am a newbie to autoconf or automake, 
> those make.am, etc seem having to be updated if I want to add new java sources 
> (e.g. java.security.*) to the Klasses.jar file. 

just run bash developers/autogen.sh (that's what worked for me for older 
Kaffe releases). That will make sure that the makefiles are updated.
Is the source code somewhere online so that I can look at it and make 
sure not tell you something outdated?

> My last question is to ask, during make install, will the Klasses.jar be 
> compiled from the libraries\javalib\java\* sources, or it will just put the 
> pre-compiled Klasses.jar from libraries\javalib to the target directory rather 
> than building from sources?

That depends on which version you forked from. The class library build 
system underwent a few revisions until we arrived where we are now. The 
old one would just put the precompiled one. try make Klasses to rebuild it.

> Also, in fact, it seems better to rename Klasses.jar to rt.jar. But it seems 
> difficult for me to revise the configuration (don't where to start). Any good 
> idea?

I wouldn't bother with that, and just add a symlink (ln -s) on install.

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