[kaffe] PROBLEM WITH *.class FILES

daniel at fh-konstanz.de daniel at fh-konstanz.de
Tue Jan 24 12:57:37 PST 2006


I have ported kaffe-1.0.7 for eCos on my i386 platform.
I have started kaffe with a simple program like "Hello World", but when invoking
the static "main"-method from my "Hello World" application in the "main2"
module, i cannot see the output "Hello World". I have found out, that the
function "java_io_FileOutputStream_writeBytes" in "FileOutputStream.c" was not
invoked. I have found that out in that way, by compiling kaffe-1.0.7 for linux
/ i386 and starting kaffe with the same "Hello "World" application. For the
linux/i386 port kaffe-1.0.7 runs correct with an "Hello World" output through
the invoke of the necessary "java_io_FileOutputStream_writeBytes" function. 

I have also found out for the linux/i386 version, that in the function
"(*env)->CallStaticVoidMethod(env, mcls, mmth, args)" in main2 module more Java
classes were loaded (seen in KOPEN() in findInJar.c) as in my ecos/i386 version
of kaffe. Can anybody explain me, why more classes are loaded in the linux/i386

How can i solve the problem. 
Who in kaffe determines, which classes are necessary to load?

Thank you so much for answering,

Best regards


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