[kaffe] Kaffe + SWT

Lars Eriksen downgrade at gmx.org
Thu Jul 6 01:34:34 PDT 2006


Is it possible to create stripped down Java GUI applications with Kaffe 
for the Win32 platform?

Tools like Excelsior JET or Remotesoft Salamander create rather large 
executables, since they are legally required to include the whole 
underlying framework.

It seems to be different with Kaffe - it's open source and is in no way 
legally connected with Sun. I wouldn't mind using an embedded virtual 
machine instead of a natively compiled executable, nor to create 
non-Java-standard compliant applications (it seems Kaffe is not 100% 

I switched from C++ to C# and have learned to love clean, modern 
programming languages, yet wished it was possible to develop them 
without a giant framework.

So is it possible at all? And if so, what are the executable sizes one 
can expect?

Thank you.

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