[kaffe] armv5tel

Fernando Silveira fsilveira at provectus.com.br
Fri Jun 23 11:31:49 PDT 2006


I'm running Debian 3.1 on a armv5tel and I wonder if Kaffe is able to
run on this system. I can run JamVM, SableVM and other VMs but I think
that Kaffe is better for my application as it is on x86.

I'm able to cross-compile it (1.1.5) on a x86 host but it freezes when
calling CallVoidMethod[VA]() and I have not tried yet to debug it
because it might not be an easy task. In scratchbox the Java classes
compilation fails (qemu-arm freezes). I also looked up in Debian APT and
pkgsrc repository and did not find any references to the ARM port.

Is there anything I have do or code to make it work? Is there any
information other than those that I sent at the end of this e-mail that
might help to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance.

# uname -a
Linux handbabe #1 Thu Feb 2 11:52:43 IST 2006 armv5tel
# cat /proc/cpuinfo 
Processor       : XScale-PXA270 rev 7 (v5l)
BogoMIPS        : 519.37
Features        : swp half thumb fastmult edsp 
CPU implementer : 0x69
CPU architecture: 5TE
CPU variant     : 0x0
CPU part        : 0x411
CPU revision    : 7
Cache type      : undefined 5
Cache clean     : undefined 5
Cache lockdown  : undefined 5
Cache format    : Harvard
I size          : 32768
I assoc         : 32
I line length   : 32
I sets          : 32
D size          : 32768
D assoc         : 32
D line length   : 32
D sets          : 32

Hardware        : Compulab CM-x270
Revision        : 0000
Serial          : 0000000000000000
# cat /etc/debian_version 

Fernando Silveira <fsilveira at provectus.com.br>

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