[kaffe] Re: money, money, money, and Freedom

Philippe Laporte philippe.laporte at gatespacetelematics.com
Thu Mar 9 00:22:44 PST 2006

      I thought I'd share my own personal Software Developer Manifesto:

In order of importance, I care about:

- Perfect software. The kind that Peter Mehlitz would put on the Mars Rover

- Freedom. The freedom to carry my skills and experience from one 
workplace to another

- Getting rich. Be honest. Personaly, I wanna get rich so I can save the 
oppressed, but the nobility of the reason is relatively important

- Getting famous. That's only because my self-esteem is not high enough yet

When Nokia comes around soon and wants to put Java on a device, they'll 
care about the licensing.

Get the story straight! How many arbitrary parameters can there be?

And I will again argue that we should focus efforts so as to best 
compete with the people who have money first in that list up there.

And let's spread some loooooove. We are all great!

Have a nice day,

Philippe Laporte

Gatespace Telematics
Första Långgatan 18
41328 Göteborg
Phone: +46 702 04 35 11
Fax:   +46 31 24 16 50
Email: philippe.laporte at gatespacetelematics.com

Etienne Gagnon wrote:

>Hi Andrew,
>Please don't restart the license talks!  See below for some hint about
>potential problems in one of the exceptions.  For the rest, please
>search the archives, or use the Classpath license Wiki.
>Here's one problem with the license below:
> - Are you allowed to modify the library and license the modified
>   version under the GNU GPL + exception?
>One possible answer is : "no", because:
>1- The exception states that "The General Public License restrictions
>... cover modification of the file".
>2- The GNU GPL states: (Section 2) You may modify your copy or copies of
>the Program or any portion of it... provided that you also... (b)...
>cause any work... [that is] derived from the Program... to be licensed
>as a whole... under the terms of this License.  [Note: "this License" in
>this context unambiguously means: "the GNU GPL".]
>So, under "one possible" interpretation, there is no provision for
>extending the exception to derived works in this (ambiguous?) exception
>The other interpretation, is that the exception naturally extends to
>derivative work.  (Yet, there is no clear statement of that fact in the
>exception text itself).
>I've heard both interpretation from different FSF individuals; not
>official FSF positions. ;)  Maybe the GPL FAQ should include
>clarifications to such matters?  [Or maybe it already does;  I haven't
>consulted it lately].
>The GNU Classpath license wiki has a much broader investigation of many
>problems with various exception texts, and even some proposed solutions.
> I guess the GPL 3 work is more urgent for the GNU community, though,
>than solving the minor problems of the current classpath exception and
>other exceptions used within the GNU project.
>I'll let Mark get hold back of this list to come back to the more urging
>matter of reducing the gap between Classpath and Sun's libraries, and
>working on, yet, another VM interface change.  (WARNING: pain in view
>for VM developers...)
>Andrew Pinski wrote:
>>The exception from libstdc++/libgfortran/libgcc/etc. (though not libobjc,
>>In addition to the permissions in the GNU General Public License, the
>>Free Software Foundation gives you unlimited permission to link the
>>compiled version of this file into combinations with other programs,
>>and to distribute those combinations without any restriction coming
>>from the use of this file.  (The General Public License restrictions
>>do apply in other respects; for example, they cover modification of
>>the file, and distribution when not linked into a combine

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