[kaffe] reducing size of rt.jar for embedded platforms

d greene dgreene29 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 13 12:53:05 PST 2006

hello all,

In 1.1.4 I was able to reduce rt.jar to 1.5M, but with 1.1.6 I'm only able 
to reduce to 6M (so far). I'm finding that there are probably too many cross 
package dependencies on crypto, swing, awt, for instance, so I'm unable to 
easily remove those all those packages that I'm not using (and yes  I used 
all the configure switches to disable awt, sound, etc) without getting 
runtime errors.

Any hints on how to easily reduce rt.jar would be appreciated. It would help 
if "--with-awt=no" would actually not include any awt and swing packages in 
rt.jar.  I don't need (and I'm guess most embedded platforms) graphics, 
sound, xml, rmi, applet, corba (and security for now). A single switch for a 
minimal rt.jar would be nice.


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