[kaffe] threads problem

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem at kaffe.org
Wed Mar 15 13:27:40 PST 2006

Hi Ioannis,

This is good news that at least the fix seems to correct most of the 
problems. Concerning the cpu usage with pthreads I expect it is correct 
that it really eats all the CPU (actually your test is meant to no ? :-))

The problem with jthreads is a bit more worrying. We really need to 
investigate this issue. I will try to run the same tests for as long on 
some computer I have to check if it is reproduceable.

Good luck with cross-compilation !


Ioannis Liverezas wrote:
> Hi Guilhem, 
> I 've tested your fix on x86 with pthreads and it has been running for a whole 
> day. On the other hand It seems that it generates high CPU usage and the 
> system seems almost frozen. I could hardly move the mouse pointer. The 
> testing host is a Centrino 1.6GHz laptop.
> I 've also tested x86 with jthreads.The jthreads system runs smoother and 
> stresses the cpu less, but after a lot of hours (15.5) it failed:
> Thread: Time100 :sync :1 Alive:15/03/2006, 06:20:25.843
> Test started at 14/03/2006, 14:53:09.864
> TimeA15000: i = 1000011100499
> Thread: TimeA15000 :sync :1 Alive:15/03/2006, 06:20:26.419
> kaffe-bin: jthread.c:2452: jmutex_unlock: Assertion `tid->status != 1' 
> failed.
> Aborted
> Maybe I should dedicate a pc to run the pthreads test for some days to make 
> sure that it is ok.
> I 'm trying to crosscompile and try on ARM (PXA 255), but I face some 
> difficulties, possibly with zlib. I 'll let you know as soon as I make some 
> progress with cross compiling
> Regards, 
> Ioannis Liverezas
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