[kaffe] ARM and kaffe

Kevin D. Kissell kevink at mips.com
Wed Mar 15 01:34:52 PST 2006

> > Oh well, I am working through similar issue. To make Kaffe workiing
> > somehow set into configuration
> > '--with-engine=interp'. It'll solve your problem but makes your kaffe
> > working terrible slowly. The real problem is somewhere into JIT3 module
> > and it is a memory management issue. I've sent a few letters to the guy
> > whom ported it but no answer what so ever.
> I tried already but no luck.

I had kaffe JIT3 95% working with MIPS after hacking up the 1.0.7 
source base back in 2002.  It failed 6-8 regression tests, but ran well
enough to handle the embedded CaffeineMark benchmarks.  Then 1.1.0
came out, which was a huge step backwards for non-x86 JIT3, and 
after beating my head against it for a week or two, I gave up.  I was
able to determine that incomplete internal data structures containing
null pointers were being used, but couldn't figure out why, and whoever
maintained JIT3 apparently couldn't care less about non-PC platforms.


        Kevin K.

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