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Sat Mar 25 18:42:54 PST 2006

On Fri, 2006-03-17 at 05:58 -0800, Jim Pick wrote:

> The #1 project I want to do is build a full blown regression testing
> setup for Kaffe.  It will be useable by other projects as well.  But
> Kaffe is going to be the focus and the original guinea pig.

Cool. You may want to check out tgolem from Edwin: 


> I've also got some ARM, MIPS, SuperH, and PowerPC hardware I've
> collected over the years that I'd like to put online and dedicate to
> Kaffe testing.

Our tinderbox needs you :) See

This goes out to other devs and users as well: If there is some
arch/setup you care about dearly, and don't want to see it degrade
between releases without someone noticing, consider running a
tinderclient every now and then. That way one can notice when patches go
bad, and a simple warning fix breaks your build, for example. 

Thanks a lot to Eric Anholt for running the server tinderbox, it has
helped weed out many little mistakes quickly. 

Setting up a tinderclient is easy, and I can help people out on IRC, if
I am around. Our channel is irc://irc.freenode.org/kaffe .

> It's quite an ambitious plan -- but I'm going to start small.  The first
> thing I'm going to try to nail is getting decent regression testing for
> x86, then ARM and MIPS, because those are the platforms I want to use.  :-)

Cool. I am loking forward to it.

> Oh, and everything will be released as free software too, in case you
> had any doubts...

Never. ;)

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