[kaffe] 1.1.7 build failure

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Wed Mar 29 11:06:52 PST 2006

On Wed, 2006-03-29 at 08:37 +0900, Kiyo Inaba wrote:
> Hi,
> Looks like 1.1.7 just released can not be compiled on NetBSD with intrp
> engine. The other engines, jit3 and jit, are ok.

thanks for testing the code through, Kiyo, and noticing the problem!

> The error is when compiling 'methodcalls.c', I got
>   ../../../../kaffe-1.1.7/kaffe/kaffevm/intrp/methodcalls.c: In function `engine_callMethod':
>   ../../../../kaffe-1.1.7/kaffe/kaffevm/intrp/methodcalls.c:100: parse error before `*'
>   ../../../../kaffe-1.1.7/kaffe/kaffevm/intrp/methodcalls.c:102: `curarg' undeclared (first use in this function)
>    ../../../../kaffe-1.1.7/kaffe/kaffevm/intrp/methodcalls.c:102: (Each undeclaredidentifier is reported only once
> and so on.

I've added an explicit include statement for jni.h, where jvalue is
defined to the file. That should fix that particular problem.

> I know it works for rc1, but glibj related build problem make me not
> report this earlier. I hope it is better to have 1 week between final
> rc and official release, as usual...

Yeah. This one was a bit faster than usual since a lot of people started
getting nervous about getting release out, and the post-release patch
queue started piling up. 

We'll be back to normal mode for 1.1.8, I'm sorry for the inconvenience
the rush caused. I've tried testing on netbsd 3 on testdrive, but jikes
didn't work very well there, so I hoped it would work as well as it did
on freebsd & openbsd. :/

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