[kaffe] kaffe 1.1.7 arm cross-compile

Ioannis Liverezas iliverez at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 29 12:10:09 PST 2006

Hi all,    
Below I describe the steps that I took to build kaffe-1.1.7 for arm (PXA 255):

first make sure that you have zlib, libxml2 and libxslt for arm both on the target and on the crosscompiling machine.
Then compile kaffe for the cross-compiling machine, possibly x86, and add the 
binaries installation directory to your PATH variable

then make a file, eg. my_conf.sh, with the following contents:


export PATH=$toolchain/bin:$PATH
env CC=arm-linux-gcc NM=arm-linux-nm AR=arm-linux-ar STRIP=arm-linux-strip \
    XSLT_CONFIG=$libxslt/bin/xslt-config \
    ./configure --host=arm-linux --build=i686-linux \
    --prefix=/usr/jre --libexecdir=/usr/kaffe/bin \
    --with-includes=$zlib/include \
    --with-libraries=$zlib/lib \
    --with-engine=intrp \
    --enable-pure-java-math \
    --enable-libxmlj \
    --with-esd=no \
    --with-alsa=no \
    --with-awt=no \
    --x-includes=no \
    --x-libraries=no \
    --with-x=no \
    --disable-native-awt \
    --with-kaffe-qte-awt=no \
    --with-kaffe-x-awt=no \
    --disable-xawt-xi18n \
    --with-classpath-gtk-awt=no \
    --disable-gtk-peer \
    --with-jikes \
    --disable-debug \
    --disable-xprofiling \
    --disable-xdebugging \
    --disable-feedback \
    --with-profiling=no \
    --with-gmpi=no \
    --with-stats=no \
    --disable-gcj \
    --disable-alsatest \
    --disable-esdtest \
    --enable-xscale \
    --disable-xmltest \
    --disable-xslttest \
    --with-includes=$zlib/include \
    --with-libraries=$zlib/lib \
    --with-xml-prefix=$libxml \

change the toolchain and other locations with the ones that are correct for 
your case.

run the above script. 
$.chmod +x my_conf.sh

$make DESTDIR=somewhere_you_like install

$scp -r somewhere_you_like/usr/jre  arm_system:/usr

it should work
good luck

Ioannis Liverezas

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