[kaffe] Unable to run Kaffe 1.1.7 on PowerPC

Jesper Larsen jla at iotech.dk
Thu Mar 30 06:05:37 PST 2006

Hi all

I am working on getting Kaffe 1.1.7 to run on an embedded PowerPC 
platform with uClibc 0.9.27 and gcc 3.4.2.
After succesfully compiling Kaffe, I try to run it on target, and get 
the following error:

  R_PPC_REL24: Compile shared libraries with -fPIC!

  /usr/local//jre/bin/kaffe-bin: symbol 'soft_fixup_trampoline': can't 
handle reloc type 0xa

(I am quite sure all libraries have been compiled with -fPIC.)
Pursuing the error, I find that the problem is with 
kaffe/kaffevm/jit3/trampolines.S which assembles into .libs/trampolines.o:

  $  powerpc-linux-objdump -r ./.libs/trampolines.o 

  ./.libs/trampolines.o:     file format elf32-powerpc

  OFFSET   TYPE              VALUE
  00000064 R_PPC_REL24       soft_fixup_trampoline

I also found at that the code for handling this specific relocation type 
has been disabled in uClibc's dynamic linker since version 0.9.11, so I 
am not sure whether this is a specific problem related to Kaffe, or if 
it is really a uClibc problem...

Any ideas how to solve this problem?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards

Jesper Larsen

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