[kaffe] Fw: Hi, i have problems with cross compilation

Juan Felipe Botero jfb at microe.udea.edu.co
Thu Mar 30 13:00:54 PST 2006

Hi, i am trying to compile the kaffe-1.1.5 for a embedded card (the card is a IMXL card
and it is arm based).

I am trying to cross compile the kaffe with thw scratchbox tool, and i compile first the
kaffe for my normal computer, when i started the cross compilation i put this option for
the configure step:

./configure --disable-debug --disable-xprofiling --disable-xdebugging --disable-feedback
--without-profiling --without-stats --disable-gcj --enable-pure-java-math --without-esd
--without-alsa --without-kaffe-x-awt --with-kaffe-nanox-awt --without-classpath-gtk-awt
--with-engine=intrp --with-nanox-include=/home/gboutill/microwindows/src/include

and the answer was:
./configure: line 113: conf14684.sh: Permission denied
./configure: line 114: conf14684.sh: Permission denied
/scratchbox/tools/bin/chmod: cannot access `conf14684.sh': No such file or directory
./configure: line 226: conf14684.file: Permission denied
./configure: line 1333: config.log: Permission denied

someone knows why???? please someone help me!!

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