[kaffe] A 'transparent' question of Kaffe with n ano-X

wzhen8010 wzhen8010 at 126.com
Tue May 9 20:07:06 PDT 2006

I have encountered a transparent problem when trying to run a awt protgram with kaffe+nano-X. What the matter as below:
I tried to running a program which wrote for MHP. The program imported HAVi and DVB classes for UI. When I run it with Kaffe+GTK , it worked good. but when i run it with Kaffe+nano-X, I found it cannot show the scene transparent correctly. That is to say, the upper scene always covered the below ones opaquely, when the upper one should be transparent and we should see the below ones.
Then, I found that the classes in dir of '%KAFFE_CLASSPATH\libraries\clib\awt\nano-X' are much few than which in dir of '%KAFFE_CLASSPATH\\libraries\clib\awt\classpath-gtk',  but I didn't study it deep for there are so many classes. Is the problem relate with these classes? or kaffe has not implement the tranparent function with nano-X? 
please tell me why if someone know this.
Thank you very much!
Chavaz Wang, cn
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