[kaffe] Java_java_awt_Toolkit_tlkInit is not called.

Hu Zheng huzheng at minigui.org
Thu Nov 2 01:45:47 PST 2006

I am trying to develop the MiniGUI awt backend.
In Java_java_awt_Toolkit_tlkProperties:
Then I find Java_java_awt_Toolkit_tlkInit is not called. If I remove
TLK_NATIVE_DISPATCHER_LOOP, it will be called.
I look at Toolkit.java, add a println as:
System.out.println("Start tlkInit");
if ( !Toolkit.tlkInit( System.getProperty( "awt.display")) ) {
            throw new AWTError( "native layer init failed");
This println will be called. But the printf in
Java_java_awt_Toolkit_tlkInit is not shown.
Any one know why this happen? Thanks!

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