[kaffe] Kaffe has a new sister project

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Tue Nov 14 08:53:30 PST 2006


In case you've somehow missed it, Sun has indeed opened up a large part 
of their code in their new OpenJDK project[2].

Sun is using the classic licensing model in the GNU Classpath world, 
i.e. a GPLd VM and GPL+classpath exception for the library code. Which 
means we could share code between the projects quite easily from the 
licensing perspective.

The class library code of the JDK will be released in the next six 
months, and the analysts over at redmonk have all the fun details and 
links, so I'll just link to cote's and sogrady's extensive analysis of 
it all. [1].

Anyway. I didn't get much sleep in the last few days, so I'll keep this 
one short.

What I really wanted to say is:

            Thank you.

Thank you all who've contributed to Kaffe, and our many sister projects 
like GNU Classpath in one form or another, and who made it all so useful 
in the process of liberating Java.

As usual, when such a big announcement happens, people wonder what will 
happen with other projects in that space. Kaffe will, of course, go on 
as long as it's fun to write code for. Where it's going to go, that'll 
continue to be up to the people submitting the patches to decide, like 
it's been so far.

I've got a few ideas where the project could head next, and I'm sure so 
do others. I'm looking forward to closely working together with the new 
projects at Sun, like we work together with GNU Classpath, and our other 
upstreams. Let's see how it all works out, I'm optimistic and excited 
about it all.

But I guess you noticed that already ...

off to catch up on sleep,
dalibor topic


[2] http://community.java.net/openjdk/

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