[kaffe] Re: kaffe Digest, Vol 30, Issue 25

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Wed Nov 29 14:03:09 PST 2006

Prahalad Deshpande wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have used kaffe previously to write simple java programs and also 
> some advanced ones like a text editor based on AWT using the Kaffe VM.
> However I have then worked extensively on Sun JDK and I want to 
> incorporate certain features provided there into Kaffe VM.
Hi Prahalad,

thank you for your interest in Kaffe! Now that HotSpot is open souce, it 
would really be cool to have someone take pieces of it, and merge it 
over into Kaffe.

What features from HotSpot are you interested in incorporating into Kaffe?
Please take a look at http://www.kaffe.org/anoncvs.shtml for 
instructions on how to check out the source code from CVS. For an 
overview of the documentation around Kaffe, see 
http://www.kaffe.org/documentation.shtml .

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