[kaffe] Swing not supporting with kaffe+Nano-X

Chandra Prakash cp.khatik at samsung.com
Wed Oct 4 04:45:11 PDT 2006

I have configured kaffe with Nano-X , its working fine with pure AWT
application but its not supporting Swing application.
When I execute simple swing application 
./kaffe -Xkaffe-nanox-awt prog
it's gives error like that
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java/awt/Toolkit.addAWTEventListener
   at javax.swing.JOptionPane.updateUI (JOptionPane.java:1477)
   at javax.swing.JOptionPane.<init> (JOptionPane.java:347)
   at javax.swing.JOptionPane.<init> (JOptionPane.java:270)
   at javax.swing.JOptionPane.showInputDialog (JOptionPane.java:964)
   at prog.main (prog.java:7)
so can anybody help me ...what's to do next to solve this problem.
Thanks & Regards
Chandra Prakash
email:- cp_chawla at yahoo.co.in

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