[kaffe] Moving kaffe.org server

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Sun Oct 15 13:29:26 PDT 2006

Hi everybody,

In about half an hour, I'm planning to move pogo.kaffe.org from it's
current dedicated machine to a new Xen session on one of my new servers.

The new IP will be

I'll update the DNS, so you shouldn't notice any difference - apart from
the fact that it will be a lot faster.

Hopefully, the downtime will be minimal.

The old server is colocated with the non-profit communitycolo.net in
Fremont, California.  I've been making a $50/month donation to them
every month for the server.  I have no further plans for the server, so
if anybody wants it, just ask.  It's got a 600MHz VIA C3, 512MB of RAM,
and a 20GB hard drive.  It's been rock solid.  If you want to take over
the $50/month donation, I could just leave it in the rack, and hand over
the keys.  :-)

My email is on that server too - if things go badly, I can still be
reached at jim.pick at gmail.com or on #kaffe on Freenode.


 - Jim

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