[kaffe] Re: CVS kaffe (robilad): Reworked java compiler detection and test ccompilation

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Wed Dec 12 19:12:15 PST 2007

Hi Dalibor and others,

Dalibor wrote: (slightly reformat)
>I've changed the compilation of the regression steps to compile all
>tests in a single step, which should speed up the regression tests
>in particular for users using ecj / javac on a JVM, as that eliminates
>around 150 JVM invocations.

This is the great news for me! After I changed to use ecj for all
platforms, the regression testing itself took more than 51 hours
on m68k (Mac-IIci, netbsd) :-< For the next weekly regression test,
I can see whether things becomes better or not.

>The patch reworked the detection of the Java programming language
>compiler to use code from ac-archive.sf.net (slightly adapted).

The auto detection itself is welcome, but still I want to have
explicit way to specify which compiler is my preference. Since
I still use jikes for some other staff, but when making regression
test of kaffe I need to use ecj (jikes does not like classpath-0.96.1).


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