[kaffe] Kaffe GC performance, Boehm GC issues

Zigurd zmednieks at d2tech.com
Thu Dec 13 09:09:25 PST 2007

I have been tracking down performance issues in optimizing MiniGUI peers
for AWT.

We are doing pretty well with drawing speed, but we found that Container
was very very slow handling the paint method
This we tracked down to the MiniGUI peer code, specifically, that it was
creating a lot of new instances of various objects in Graphics.create.

The performance impact of the object creation was very very high - much
higher than you would expect in terms of processor speed proportions.

That, and some searches for benchmark results on Kaffe GC lead me to
suspect that memory allocation is a performance bottleneck in Kaffe.

I was wondering if anyone had similar experiences?

So, while we optimize paint performance using the fact that
Graphics.create and Graphics.dispose can be used to manage a cache of
Graphics instances, and to initialize those instances instead of using
"new" (often gratuitously, as it turned out, for things like Color), we
think the performance of Kaffe GC might be a general drag on performance.

We tried using Boehm GC, but encountered an issue which is now bug #113.
Any experiences/pointers getting Boehm GC up on ARM Linux would also be
very useful.

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