[kaffe] Re: Re: Re: Kaffe GC performance, Boehm GC issues

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Mon Dec 24 15:27:00 PST 2007


>After submitting several archived tests, I found snap 060803
>(whose ChangeLog head is "2006-07-27  Guilhem Lavaux  <guilhem at kaffe.org>")
>works fine with Boehm GC on i386/linux. I will try to use this to test
>whether arm version of Boehm GC works fine.

I found it can be extended until major classpath resync on Jan of
2007 if I revert the mod for 'kaffe/kaffevm/baseClasses.c'. The change
made in 'baseClasses.c' (v 1.76) is reorder the invocation of
initialization (initializeSecurity and initThreads). I have no clear
idea whether this reorder is really needed or not, but I guess this
modification should be reverted.

On the other hand, snap 060803 can not be compiled on arm/linux because
of 'pthread_support.o' does not contain any external symbols and linking
reports several 'undefined symbol' errors. I guess this is because of
some (tricky) 'ifdef' in boehm gc package, but I did not found a way
to fix. Others tackling this is very welcome.


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