[kaffe] make check fails...

Andrew Haley aph at redhat.com
Wed Feb 7 09:00:42 PST 2007

Jeroen Frijters writes:

 > However, the truth of the matter is that IMO our serialization code
 > is broken beyond repair, so I don't think it's worth it to try to
 > fix it the right way. We should just merge in the Sun serialization
 > code once that is available ;-)

This is very depressing.  I tweaked gcj's serialization code so that
it worked correctly with a variety of code, including jonas.  This was
a difficult and tedious job, to say the least.  The result was pretty
robust, however.

Now, gcj's own serialization code has been replaced with the Classpath
code on the grounds that it was better tested, and had the bugs ironed
out.  I haven't yet tried large-scale applications, but I have a bad
feeling about this.

If needs be we could just get libgcj's own serialization code back.


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