[kaffe] Help on Kaffe Garbage Collector

s1025121 at studenti.ing.unict.it s1025121 at studenti.ing.unict.it
Wed Feb 7 12:21:56 PST 2007

Hello, we are two Italian student at Catania University. We are working on 
Kaffe Garbage Collector for a university work. We have to modify the garbage 
collector to make it be a copying collector. We know that we can't do a totally 
accurate garbage collector and that we can't move JVM internal objects, so we 
are thinking to create two heap areas: one for JVM internal objects, managed by 
the original mark-and-sweep collector; the other one for the other objects that 
can be moved, managed by our copying collector. So we want to do 
another "initCollector" function for our collector. What types of object (for 
example KGC_ALLOC_JAVASTRING, KGC_ALLOC_NORMALOBJECT, etc.) can we associate 
with our collector? Thanks in advance for your kind answer. Best regards,

Erminio Puliafito
Giacomo Fazio

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