[kaffe] Re: Cannot run AWT on Kaffe

Riccardo riccardo at kaffe.org
Sun Jul 8 23:48:03 PDT 2007


sorry for the extreme late answer.... I missed this in my inbox,

On Tue, 05 Jun 2007 14:03:01 +0200, ronaldsloot <ronaldsloot at yahoo.com>  

> ./configure --with-engine=intrp --with-kaffe-x-awt --disable-gconf-peer
> --disable-gtk-peer
this configure line seems reasonable to me.

> I build with gcc 4.1.1.
> Riccardo, since you didn't get the problem, can you let us know what
> configuration you used and what target platform ?
> I build an x86 version too and that doesn't seem to have the problem.
the last time I fully checked xlib was some months ago and it did work on  
x86 (linux, netbsd) ppc (darwin, netbsd) and on mips (irix).
After that I had problems with the gif library dependence and other small  
stuff and I didn't check all those platforms anymore, but linux/x86  
continued to work. I have built netbsd/x86 these days but didn't check  
AWT, I'll do ASAP.

> I actually also got the same problems on a 1.1.7 version. Debugging it  
> shows
X-awt on 1.1.7 did work, but you loose some fixes Guilhem and I worked on  
like imporved file choosers, font fixes, event fixes... Unfortunatley  
there are still osme bugs with focus and especially our AWT is not suited  
for swing.


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