[kaffe] Segmentation fault in ARM11

Arun Prakash Jana engineerarun at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 05:48:10 PDT 2007


I have cross compiled kaffe-1.1.7 for ARM11 with the following configure

# CC=arm-linux-gcc NM=arm-linux-nm AR=arm-linux-ar ../kaffe-1.1.7/configure
--disable-gtk-peer --host=arm-linux --disable-threads --prefix=/opt/kaffe

Then I compiled a simple piece of code which prints "HelloWorld!" on the

But when I try to run it I get a segmentation fault:

# java -v Hello


Loading java/util/Comparator.class(/opt/kaffe/arm/jre/lib/glibj.zip)

Segmentation Fault

I tried to search the mailing list for similar problem and got some
questions which seemed alike. But there is no clear solution for this except
an indication it may be related to threads. Can anyone please help with

Thanks and regards,

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