[kaffe] [PATCH] JIT on arm

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Sat May 5 07:28:16 PDT 2007

Dalibor wrote:
>>1) Why it does not work with newer version of gcc?
>off the top of my head, i'd guess ffi changes.

While in Shikansen (Japanese version of ICE, or for us, ICE is your
version of Shinkansen ;->), I tried to see what is the difference
between old gcc generated and new gcc generated kaffe. And I agree
that, it should be ffi related. Some compiled method are ok but some
are not good. In high speed train, since we still don't have good
internet connection and 'apt-get' does not work, I installed libffi.deb
just now. I will invoke another configure run (on this emulated machine
it may take one hour) with '--with-libffi' options.

If this is the case, gcc4 may introduce some additional things for
its function invocation.

By the way, at least gcc-3.4 works fine as gcc-2.95 for arm/jit with
sysdepCallMethod provided.

P.S. I also enjoy jit3 issue, while doing this I noticed I forgot to
     submit second step for the merge of jit/jit3 for m68k ;-< Maybe,
     bsr/jsr issue for this port stops me to proceed. (The first step
     was done on 2004-09-01, long long ago :->)

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